Program Design

Initial Assessment & First Workout

Our first session will last an hour and we will spend about half that time talking about goals, challenges, history, interests and just getting to know each other. It is important to me to have a clear understanding of your goals so I can design a program that fits your unique needs. After a discussion we do a short workout. This workout is designed for me to see how you move so that  by the time we meet again, I’ll have the beginning of a program for you.

Nutrition Food Log and Workout Program

I ask all of my clients to work with an online food log. Nutrition is the key no matter your goals. I check in on progress online and add my own notes and suggestions. I have found this to be very successful for my clients in learning how to eat more nutritious food, lose weight and add muscle.

I also have my clients create a workout log. There is one online for my Fit Twin Cities group and I also highly encourage a notebook. You need to chart progress. I set up a program  for all my clients on the days that we don’t meet. This keeps progress coming.

Lift, Lift, Lift

There is a certain apprehension for some about weight lifting. It’s easier to stay on the treadmill, right? Well how is that working for you?

If you are inexperienced or afraid of adding too much muscle, don’t worry. This is why you hire me. I’ll teach you the right way to lift and bust any myths you have about lifting weights.

Lifting adds muscle, burns fat and makes you feel empowered. This type of programming leads to health, confidence, enjoyment in the gym and gets people the bodies they want.

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