Eagan Personal Training

My life changed when I met with a personal trainer for the first time in 2007. Now I am helping others change their lives with  my own  business! As a certified personal trainer (NASM), I help people improve not only their bodies, but also their nutrition, lifestyle, attitude and confidence.

My clients enjoy their workouts. I want every session to be challenging and focused, but I also create a fun environment for hard workers. Hard work gets results. I bring lifestyle coaching to my sessions with clients and we often talk about what healthy living looks like outside of the gym.

No gym membership is required for my clients. I train my clients at Minnesota Top Team in Eagan. It is a wonderful facility that is the opposite of a big box gym. The staff is personable and knows everyone by name. I also do in-home training sessions in Eagan.

My Personal Training Philosophy

I want to work with people who are serious about making a commitment to change, who are ready to improve themselves. As a culture we need to learn to cut through the excuses of no time and lack of motivation. We need to stop letting fear get in the way of who we are meant to be.

I can help you lose weight, add muscle, and feel better about yourself. Check out what some of my clients have to say.

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