Personal Training

Hire A Trainer Who Loves to Train

Eagan Personal Trainer

Mark Spurbeck – NASM Personal Trainer, Owner of Fit Twin Cities

The best thing about being a certified personal trainer is that I get to be an active participant in something that helps people change their lives forever.

I don’t do this for the money. I do this because the reward of sharing a life-changing journey with someone is the absolute best thing I can do with my time.

I thrive when I can help people create the best version of themselves through personal training.

My Clients Come From All Walks of Life

Many of my clients need to lose weight. Some want to add muscle. Others need encouragement and coaching. You want a coach who is experienced to provide a program that allows you to hit your goals the right way. No shortcuts. No fad diets. Real life-changing programming and nutrition.

Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, gain some muscle, or just get in touch with your body I can help you hit your goals and maybe learn something about yourself along the way.

Multiple Training Options and Programs

Because Fit Twin Cities is my own business I have the luxury of offering unique packages and programs specific to your needs. I train clients virtually and in person. In-home sessions are also available. I can customize a program to fit your budget. Money should NEVER be the reason you don’t pursue help in reaching your goals.

Learn to Lift | Learn to Eat

Weight training and proper nutrition are the foundation of my training programs. I’m not interested in simply guiding you through a workout once a week. I’m interested in designing a program with you that educates and rewires what you know about food, movement, and yourself.

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